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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ambitions Were Just A Dream..??

Few years back,youth was doing us a whole lot of favour..!!
The ability to run and smiling like crazy at the same time,the weird ability in which we are able to eat two ice creams at the same time ( or was it just me .?. ).. the ability to do many other hilarious things.. and so on.

During that period of time,we were dreaming about university enrollment and a life with our most desirable career.Some wished for a life as a teacher,as a doctor,as a nurse but never once i've heard a person makes such statement such as " I Want To Be The Prime Minister Of Malaysia " ..!! Haha..

During my superb period of youthness there were two ambitions that stand out boldly compared to the others.
the first one was.. ( drum rolling..!! )

1. The Fashion Designer..!!!

well,this is kinda weird because the person who said he wanted to be a fashion designer was actually a science stream student. A teacher once asked all of us what would our preferred occupation and this guy ( not the above guy ) answered him, " I want to be a fashion designer " ..
The teacher was like WTF..??!! .. Well,the teacher didn't really say those words but i bet he did had a big laugh back then.
the teacher then asked the guy " Why the heck did you enter this science class.?? " and the whole class stared at this guy with a very funny expression. (=.=') haha..

Now,here's the next biggest ambition i've ever heard..!! the awesomeness of this ambition is to awesome to the point it cause my jaw to fall like CRAZY..!!

2. The Astronaut..!!

How great it is...?? Long before the nation planned to send the first Malaysian to the outer space,this friend of mine have been longing for this position like.. VERY EAGERLY.. 

But back then,there was this one big wall in between him and the ambition..!!
What was it..??
Well,its kinda sad to say this but this was also a laughing matter whenever we talked about his future. haha.
This friend of mine was really short,i mean super short.. in one word,a MIDGET..!! 

We were laughing heavily about his height and so was he.. haha..

So here i am today,walking towards my future as i watched my friends develop their own future.
the guy with the fashion ambition ended studying literature while the midget is now a diploma holder and an expert in computer web designs.

Ambitions,can be define as a realistic dreams i guess because there are not that impossible to achieve but due to some factors we end up failing to stay focus on the right track.
This world are made of piling pressure and so many interesting temptations.
i guess these factors play a lot of parts in diverting an individual honest interest towards their life.

Life is sure interesting..

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