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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ambitions Were Just A Dream..??

Few years back,youth was doing us a whole lot of favour..!!
The ability to run and smiling like crazy at the same time,the weird ability in which we are able to eat two ice creams at the same time ( or was it just me .?. ).. the ability to do many other hilarious things.. and so on.

During that period of time,we were dreaming about university enrollment and a life with our most desirable career.Some wished for a life as a teacher,as a doctor,as a nurse but never once i've heard a person makes such statement such as " I Want To Be The Prime Minister Of Malaysia " ..!! Haha..

During my superb period of youthness there were two ambitions that stand out boldly compared to the others.
the first one was.. ( drum rolling..!! )

1. The Fashion Designer..!!!

well,this is kinda weird because the person who said he wanted to be a fashion designer was actually a science stream student. A teacher once asked all of us what would our preferred occupation and this guy ( not the above guy ) answered him, " I want to be a fashion designer " ..
The teacher was like WTF..??!! .. Well,the teacher didn't really say those words but i bet he did had a big laugh back then.
the teacher then asked the guy " Why the heck did you enter this science class.?? " and the whole class stared at this guy with a very funny expression. (=.=') haha..

Now,here's the next biggest ambition i've ever heard..!! the awesomeness of this ambition is to awesome to the point it cause my jaw to fall like CRAZY..!!

2. The Astronaut..!!

How great it is...?? Long before the nation planned to send the first Malaysian to the outer space,this friend of mine have been longing for this position like.. VERY EAGERLY.. 

But back then,there was this one big wall in between him and the ambition..!!
What was it..??
Well,its kinda sad to say this but this was also a laughing matter whenever we talked about his future. haha.
This friend of mine was really short,i mean super short.. in one word,a MIDGET..!! 

We were laughing heavily about his height and so was he.. haha..

So here i am today,walking towards my future as i watched my friends develop their own future.
the guy with the fashion ambition ended studying literature while the midget is now a diploma holder and an expert in computer web designs.

Ambitions,can be define as a realistic dreams i guess because there are not that impossible to achieve but due to some factors we end up failing to stay focus on the right track.
This world are made of piling pressure and so many interesting temptations.
i guess these factors play a lot of parts in diverting an individual honest interest towards their life.

Life is sure interesting..

Thursday, 5 May 2011

In A Gap Fill With New Experiences.. ( I Hope So )

Its been a while..!!
finally the semester break kicked off.

I didn't enjoy my flight,never enjoy any of flight experience to be honest. (=.=)
I don't like it,the smell of the plane and all the complicated procedures and my heavy luggage.
I hate plane,and that should be the reason why i always feel so happy whenever i manage to place my feet firmly on the ground after a flight journey.

This time around,the break will be for four months long..!! long enough for any of us to complete another semester of study.. why would the government construct such an amazing plan? now i have to delay my graduation day for another month or two i guess..

These long days,i guess most of us will be spending our time wisely.. in which the term wisely can easily be define by the person's acts. Wise is now no longer bounded to any academic definition,just do whatever as you please to define the word wise.

Wise : Spend your holiday by getting paid for any part time job you'll be doing..
Wise : Eat,sleep,watch t.v and repeatedly cycling on the same habit over and over again.
Wise : .. other than those two,i cant really describe the other definition of wise..

So,now that im done with this post..
i'll be looking forward to fill the box of wise with my own defining acts.. Hoho.

Enjoy your HOLIDAY..!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Runaway Train To The Few Years Back Scenery.

It’s a time where guys used to have long straight hairs, and girls will go crazy whenever they see a male with long hair. Well I guess that’s the current phenomenon for that particular era. If you’re wondering which or what era I’m talking about, I’m talking about the 90’s.!!

The glorious year of the 90’s..!!

The time when boys band rules our days..!! Cute boys are all over the gossip magazines and they topped the chart for weeks and being chased by crazy fanatical fans everyday..!!

                                   its 5ive.. for me, NOW AND FOREVER was their best song.!!

I bet you also have your very own idolized boys’ band don’t you? (Unless you’re being born out of the time frame then you wouldn’t probably know those 90’s big sellers.)

I’m talking about n’sync, backstreet boys, 911, 5ive, westlife and so many more!

there you go.. they're the best boy band in the 90's.

the guys who were FLYING WITHOUT WINGS..

Out from the boy band scope, we have great bands such as the cranberries, creed, Radiohead, the Moffats which is my favorite and the Hanson, not to forget nirvana and so many more.

                  my all time favourite..!! THE MOFFATTS.. been missing these guys like CRAZY..!!

                                         triplets of the 90's.. singing MMMboPPPPP...

These are the entertainers that help to paint colors to our life with their superb music.

During these period of time (90- 00’s), everything was so much fun. Britney started to make her mark during the 90’s, the same thing for Christina Aguilera and even our very own Siti Nurhaliza was born into the music industry during this era.

                                                   HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME..!!

                                                       BETAPA KU CINTA PADAMU.. hehe

The 90’s was so much fun!! 

Sadly, things weren’t able to stay in piece forever. Everything started to change, revolution of the hip hop and r&b music put an end to the rock and pop music. Things are different nowadays; musician tends to play with lots of electronic stuffs leaving behind the sweet sound of guitar distortion and drum’s roll. The term boy band was sentenced to death and is no longer influential as they were before.

I’m missing the older days.

I miss the Moffatts very much, they were the best band ever lived in the 90’s.

Oooh.. I missing it.

Let me leave you with something that i've been singing for ages...
The most influential song of all time,for me though.. ^^,

Friday, 15 April 2011

The First Cut Is The Deepest.?

its been a while.. i'm hungry but i make no effort to find foods.. =.='

today i'll be elaborating on the first love experience..
i believe all of us already did went through that moment and for those with enough courage,i'll give you a round of applause for making an effort towards that particular person.

well,different people means different stories right.?
some of you won the first love battle and could be the relationship is still going on up until today.
some may lose the battle and end up hurt by either rejection or the oneself failure to at least try to convey their feeling.

but there's other kind of situation in which two persons are attached to each other but due to the commitment they have for study,they seems to postpone the confession just to avoid any distraction to their study.

here's a story,about a high school student who happened to love this girl.He was in lower six while the girl was on the brink  of tackling her SPM.They both shared the same affection but never really confessed due to their given priority towards their exam.

for some cute reasons,both of them were planning to confess the love they had for each other as soon as the boy graduated from his form six study.The girl waited and so do the guy,their relationship remain as friend during the period of waiting for the graduation.The girl left the school after her examination while the guy was in his form six.

time goes by and the girl attend matriculation in the peninsular while the guy was in his upper six.Both of them ended separated by the south east china sea but they never fail to notify each other,not on a daily basis but good enough to let each other know that they're still in the same frequency.

STPM was around the corner and the guy concentrated on his study while the girl was away in the peninsular.I believe,they can't wait to confess towards each other and i'm pretty sure the guy would probably have the best script of confession and the sweetest plan of confession.

everything seems to be beautiful until this one day,the boy's phone rang an unknown number.He was curios but was never too lazy to pick it up.He answered the call and tears was flowing heavily.That was a call from the girl's bestfriend,calling to let him know that the dream of them being together can no longer be achieve.

there's another guy?.. no.. the girl was giving up?.. no..
the reason they can no longer dream the same dream was because,the girl whom this guy loved so much got involved in a road accident and she died.

there's no need to elaborate more on how the boy was feeling.You can figure it out on your own.

this boy is a actually a friend of mine,when he told me this story,he tried so hard to fake a smile but he did not realize that i can clearly see there's a tiny spark on his eyes.The moment when he told me the story,he just came back from the girl's hometown.He went to visit the girl's grave and went to meet the girl's parents.

this guy,he spent  two years to search for the girls grave and when he found the exact location,he drove himself to the place in no time.He did his long awaited confession at the cemetery,holding a piece of paper written with words he supposed to say when he's done with his form six.He kept the paper for a very long time and finally he managed to deliver his speech of love.

its the deepest cut he told me,the deepest ever and he's still not over it.

Friday, 8 April 2011

A Photo As A Time Machine.

A photo can capture a moment.Its always as simple as that. ^^,
I remember looking back at my high school pictures and it makes me recall how ambitious i used to be.Its not that i don't have any ambitions now but the dream of a youth is something different compared to the the dream we chase as an adult.At least i believe so.

I remember very well how most of us were in the "Bald Season" as it was part of the discipline requirement.
Have a look and please don't laugh at us so hardly. ;-p

pretty short huh?.. Haha.
Being a prefect means obeying all the rules provided by your discipline teacher.
A lot can be say from this picture,among the dreams we had during this glorious bald era was to grow our hair long.I know we should have spent more on thinking and dreaming about something appropriate like what should we be doing after graduation.But a few years ago,teenager with bald disease can only dream about having a long dark hair which was the ultimate ambition of all female students.

Looking back at a picture,surely there's a lot you can talk about.Among girls i would pick our school magazine and talk about who used to be their craziest admire and with whom they used to have a crush.
Its fun,its amazing to browse over these many pictures of us and realize just how much things have change since the older day.

A picture help us to travel backward for free,sometimes words are not enough to describe just how precious the captured moment is.Sometimes tears and laughter will do the talking.

As we browse over pictures,there will be no doubt that we'll end up missing the old moment and wonder,where are these people now?what are they doing and when will we meet again?

I can see now,how powerful a single picture is.Therefore,from this moment on,i swear that i'll be taking more and more pictures.!!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

When Memory Play Its Part In Life

I was surfing in youtube,searching for new bands just to add more tunes to my playlist.I went to search for a few minute until i found this video by Nickelback,i remember how i used to listen to this song being played on the radio but i never walk another extra mile to download it and re-listen it.Now that i've watched it after so long,suddenly i feel so touched by the song as well as how they filmed the music video.

here's the video,listen to it. ^^,

Don't you think the song is just nice,so do the video eventhough it might had brought tears to your eyes.
This song is a very powerful song,with a very clear message.Its all about love,and it makes us believe that love will never die.

I believe,the meaning of true love can only be define by the acts of our parents.A father doesn't always say that he love his child,but deep inside him,i believe they love their child more than one can ever imagine.A mother's love is incomparable,i think only a mother can  understand another mother's love.A mother will repeatedly tell us that they love us but none of these lines can be use to evaluate the amount of love a mother has for her child because as far i can tell,i believe that,the love of a mother is the strongest form love.

This song teaches me something,it shows clearly that love doesn't fades with the body.Love lives on.
The person you love the most might be gone,but,now could you please close your eyes and think carefully.Do you believe that the person you love took everything away when they left? I DOUBT THAT.

That person might not be around and will never be around again but,i believe that their love has reform into the form of another person.Their love reform itself everyday in the form of how much blessings you get and how much love you receive from the others.They might be gone but i believe somewhere behind those floating clouds,they are watching over us and pray as mighty as they could  for the safeness of our very own life.

Here's part of the lyric :

Time is going by
So much faster than I
And I’ve started to regret not spending a little with you

Now I’m
Wondering why
I’ve kept this bottled inside
So I’ve started to regret not telling all of it to you

So if I haven’t yet
I’ve gotta let you know

You’re never gonna be alone
From this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go
I won’t let you fall
You’re never gonna be alone
I’ll hold you until the hurt is gone

Don't you think the lyrics are very touching,it let you discover the feeling of regrets inside you.It let you see that nothing in this world is immortal,what you have today might not be there for you tomorrow.One simple but destructive change can happen anytime and by the time you realize everything it'll be too late.

Our loved ones might not be here tomorrow,the moment you're reading this they might be on their way to God's paradise.If you are holding back your love,you might just regret it when that person somehow vanished.


Have faith,as long as we believe,the love of our beloved person will always be with us..

p.s : and do spend some time to tell your beloved friends and family how much you love them,for you might not be here tomorrow.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Going The Distance For Love.

How would you really define the word love? Usually,love would be define as a very strong feeling you have for that one special person.You miss that person,think about that person all the time and wish to be with that person all the time.That's a pretty simple explanation.

Now here come an explanation in terms of poetry,this is just a random product by me though :

When i think of you I stare deeply into the sky,
Hoping that cute face of you will appear and take my misses away. 
When I miss you so badly I wish I can deliver myself to you,
For you are the only person who can ever heal my misses.

Ta.. da.. well that's basically how some of us play with words to convey the meaning of love.
Well for today,I'll spend some time to talk about one sweet journey of a young man who travelled acrossed the whole peninsular just to reach his girlfriend.For what reason?It's because he wanted to say "Happy Birthday"..

I believe love is in its sweetest form when we try at our very best to make the other person happy.Just like this guy name "Kenneth" who showed how sweet he could be when it comes to loving "Jenny".

Their story started during their high school years,Kenneth was pretty much like a nerd at that time.Spending most of his time studying and always score for his exam.He's a straight A student.Jenny on the other side was a very young and attractive female student,she pass you by and you can feel her grace blows over your face swiftly.

Kenneth happened to fall for Jenny and somehow he managed to be Jenny's boyfriend,don't ask me how as it would take me another few paragraphs of explanation.They loved each other,studied well and end up furthering their study at two different places.Kenneth was offered to study in Singapore while Jenny was somewhere in Perlis.So there you go,one end to the other end.

They continued to love each other for a while despite the fact that Kenneth's parents was against this relationship because they do not want Kenneth to get distracted by love and abandoned his study but being smart Kenneth do know how to hide their relationship.

Kenneth went through a lot of changes,he now knew how to dress smartly,he learnt to tell jokes and the most important thing is that he was trying at his very best to fit the description of a good boyfriend.

The story goes on for another while and Jenny's birthday was just around the corner.Its been a few months since they last met and Kenneth was thinking something like "Its her birthday,i want to make her happy".
So without hesitating he went to buy a ticket from Singapore to Johor and lead his heart all the way from Johor to Perlis.Let me give you a very gentle reminder,he was a nerd and still(very much) like a nerd today and he never been to any places without the guiding hands of his parents.So to guide himself throughout the whole entire journey is really something incredible.

He was alone for the journey and he reached Perlis at dawn and find himself unfamiliar with the place.He doesn't know where is it the place his girlfriend stays so he spent another mighty effort to search for that place and somehow he managed to find the place.He stayed outside the hostel as the guard refuse him the permission to enter the site and he stood outside watching through the standing fences as he called for his girlfriend.

Jenny answered the call and she was shocked,i mean really SHOCKED to listen that her boyfriend was actually standing outside the hostel.She ran from her room and reached her boyfriend but sadly,there was this tall fences standing before them and the very least they could do was to hold hands.

With tears bursting,Jenny asked Kenneth just for far he had gone through to reach this place?Kenneth replied,
"It doesn't matter now"..

The only words that mattered for Kenneth at that time was "Happy Birthday Jenny"..
Being able to say these words before her was his only wish and with his strong will and endless effort,he managed to reach Jenny and say those words to her.

Now that you've read his story,how do you feel? We know the simplest of fact that love is something nice but somehow most of us end up neglecting our beloved person for quite a moment and still somehow manage to say that "My love is great".Another gentle reminder from me,appreciate your lover as much as you love yourself.Love is a gift and  so do your lover,spending a few minutes texting or calling each other wouldn't cost you a million loss.Its when you started to ignore and give reasons,that is when you'll start to lose grip on love.

now,go and tell you lover you love them..!!

Owh,by the way.. I hate to say this,but both of them are living on a different path now.
Jenny couldn't take it,the long distance relationship and  now she's with another guy.
What about Kenneth?.. STILL NOT OVER IT.